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Who is it for?

So, the application process is easy and cheap, but what are the real benefits of e-Residency and who is it targeted to? Well, the short answer is that it is targeted to all entrepreneurs in the world! Some of the key benefits and features of being an e-Resident:

For the Secure

The e-Residency card contains a super-secure (2048-bit RSA) chip, which in combination with the two PIN codes only known to the holder, make it the most secure online verification method available. In addition to signing documents digitally (digital signature is as valid as a traditional one in the EU), you can also encrypt documents.

For the Entrepreneur

Since all business is online, all the time, the e-Residency card gives you an opportunity to create and run a business in the EU. All bank transactions, tax declarations and other services can be made with the digital identification and signature. Also, the Estonian tax system is one of the most business oriented in the world (e.g. 0% tax on reinvested profits). 

For the Environmentalist

The Estonian way of doing business is fast, environmentally friendly and straightforward. An average Estonian does her or his taxes in less than 5 minutes. Digital signatures, which have been in use for more than 10 years, have saved countless work hours, postal fees and millions of trees.

For the Cosmopolitan

As everything is online, you will have access to your business everywhere in the globe. Assuming that you have a working internet connection of coarse. This is a revolution and means that no one has to work in an office or even in the country they are offering their services.

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